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Visibility Is Our Vision

Providing visibility into logistic hubs traffic analysis_Moment.jpg


Transform logistic hubs' operations to be transparent, efficient, green, and safe by leveraging existing visual systems.



Opera platform is a SAAS-based solution provides real-time telemetry, retrospective data, and insights on vehicle and cargo journeys within closed facilities. Designed from the ground up for terminal and logistic hub operators and infrastructure owners, using facility existing camera systems.

Analyzing vehicle journeys to collect operational metrics and to optimize routes.

Locate specific vehicles in real time or in retrospect.


Resources and route optimization to reduce bottlenecks and turnaround times.


Real-time joined with historical data to improve customer service and dispute resolution.


Traffic flow simulation and forecasting.


Per vehicle emission monitoring and optimization.

Regulatory Compliance

SaaS solution designed to scale as needed, coupled with a pay-as-you-go policy. 

Pay as you Grow



Making the big-data revolution immediately available for any logistic hub using facial recognition for faceless objects

Our core technology relies on a patent-pending solution  called Artificial-Intuition.'s 'Artificial-Intuition' is inspired by cognitive processes for efficient and reliable utilization of visual data.

By biomimicking how our brain fuses multiple visions and context, we accurately identify and locate specific objects throughout the facility, like vehicles and machines. Once mapping the journeys of all desired objects, our AI extracts additional beneficial information, such as anomalies and actionable insights.'s unique technology allows any logistic hub to leverage its past investments in camera systems to extract valuable information and insights.

Key Features

Subscription-based solution, operational within days.

Easy Deployment

No need for full camera coverage

Re-ID Technology


Precised identifications of a variety of vehicles.

Extensive Vehicle Database

No need for additional hardware investments.

Leverage Old Investments

Data protection by design (GDPR / CCPA)

Unique Hybrid Architecture

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