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Traffic Management System For Logistic Hubs

Digital Twin For Traffic Analysis

Leverage your existing camera systems into a critical information generator, and turn terminal traffic data into a business and operational advantage overnight. uniquely identifies each truck in your facility by cross-referencing multiple video streams into one simple reality. 

Traffic congestion in terminals and ports results in unpredictable and inefficient operations. Truck turnaround time in port really matters but it's only part of the story. Quality of service per customer tier, efficient billing procedures, emergency handling, and long term planning are also must have components for efficient port management. Artificial Intuition's revolutionary traffic analysis system is a pragmatic, highly operational, and effective solution. Allowing any terminal or port operator to effortlessly understand the traffic patterns within the port by analyzing each and every truck's journey, from the moment of entry until it leaves the facility. traffic analysis_Momentdata 3.jpg

Make Smart Decisions

Customer-oriented quality of service traffic analysis_Momentdata 2.jpg

Business Intelligence

Learn more about historical data retention traffic analysis_Moment cta.jpg

Boost Operations

Short and Long-term planning, Forecast congestions, detect sensitivities, get accurate ETAs traffic analysis_Momentdata 4.jpg

Improve ecological footprint

Adapt to modern SDG standards. Reduce carbon emissions


Traffic Analysis

See our product video to learn more about our Traffic Analysis technology 

Artificial Intuition?

Under the Hood of Our Technology 

Data Extracting traffic analysis system extracts every truck's unique visual attributes when entering the facility. Using artificial intuition to efficiently convert every video stream into easy-to-handle metadata. 

Truck Journey

On every truck visual pass, its properties are compared to the existing metadata and additional data sources (e.g., location and time, cargo, etc.) to accurately determine each truck journey.

Actionable Insights

All the data is stitched together and categorized by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence big-data techniques to produce actionable insights and identify anomalies.

Real-time Dashboard

Real-time data is distributed and made available to relevant operations and planning teams.

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